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Natasha Nicole
XXII. Married. 01.31.13
-I'll Be One Tough Act To Follow!-
"She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important, you know." — MM
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Feeling Lost, Yet Again…

There are some things I need to start putting back in my regular routine/regime:

>Reading. I haven’t read anything for personal entertainment in so long. I’ve been trying to but with this LIT class I’m taking this year it’s hard. Plus I’ve been watching a lot more television, so I’ll need to be cutting back on that.
>Writing. College papers have been consuming most of my actually writing. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a poem or simply recapped my day/week. I need to keep up with this because I to be able to show my children who I was and how I came to be. It’s always been a little dream of mine to hand my journals over to my children when they get into high school. As a, here’s a hard copy of me, read it and don’t try to use my excuses since I already used them lol.
>French. I want to be fluent. So I must work harder. I may not like my teacher but she doesn’t matter, my goal does. I love the language and I have dreams of having my children brought up in a two language household.
>Running. I also started working out, so I want to keep up with that. While I’m living downtown though I want to start running by the docks in the morning. Just to remind my self of how beautiful life is and can be.

I don’t have extravagant dreams per se, but these dreams of mine mean the world to me.

14 November 2011     6:49 pm     9 notes

When I Grow Up…

8- What I want to be when I get older.

This is such a silly question now that I think about it. I am 20 years old, 21 in 5 months. What do I want to be when I grow up? Don’t make me laugh, I have no idea what I’m doing now and I’m pretty much all grown up. How far ahead should I look, I don’t even want to bother because my goals are always subject to change. I want to be able to see my grandchildren grow up and hopefully see them get married. That’s something I want to be, alive for my grandchildren.

18 October 2011     10:09 pm     37 notes

No Doubt, It’s My Life

Few things that have been decided over the weekend.

-> I have challenged myself to conquer a certain look within about 2 months. Starting today, I don’t know how I talked myself into this. To achieve said goal a few things have to change…

  • No more fast food. I can’t afford it anyway so here’s to saving more money!!!
  • No more candy. Sweets make me break out, makes me depressed, makes me eat more. Therefore it is counterproductive. *Cheers to clear skin!*
  • Taking a page from my dear friend Rick’s diet. I will give myself one cheat day every two weeks. I think I deserve that.
  • I am to work out two days minimum. I have the time so I’ll use it productively.
  • Water, water, water… eek!
  • I will play more Volleyball. Even if I have to by my lonesome, I will play. Oh how I miss that game.
  • Darryl’s tip is for me to stop eating after 7:30pm, since I’m usually in bed by 10:30.
  • Take my daily dose of vitamins, might just invest in a multivitamin and call it a day.

I am NOT trying to lose weight. I was told that if I lose anymore I’d be invisible. Even though that is a clear exaggeration, That is not my goal. I just want to tone up. This means I have to acquire running/sport shoes of some kind.

-> I am starting a new project for Tumblr to get my imagination running. Also, I have a idea for an additional one. I have to wait until my Brain gets back from California to expand on this new idea. I mean she did inspire it.

-> I want to start a weekly post on a certain subject as well. Each week will be a different subject and structured different as well.

-> I’m also vowing to stay on top of my course/work load, taking more of my own pictures, and smiling a lot more.

P.S. Since I suck at keeping tabs on things. I will probably have an alarm for just about all of my tasks lol. Time management was never my thing, especially without alarms to remind me.

I am doing this for ME, no one else.

I always hear, "If you’re not happy with your life, change it." So that’s what I’m doing.

14 March 2011     10:47 am